Wedding Cakes: Tryout Some Creativity

Wedding Cakes: Tryout Some Creativity

Nothing ruins a wedding quite like cliches. If you want a perfect wedding, you should get more creative with your choices, especially when it comes to cakes and flowers. For flowers, you can skip the roses and go for a colorful combination according to the overall theme. With cakes, it's not as simple.

A classic wedding cake may be something everyone enjoys but a twist to the traditional would make it more memorable. Here are some creative ideas that you might want to try on your big day.

Minimalistic Much –Starting with the simplest way to break the tradition, a minimalistic cake is perfect for an elegant wedding. It is nothing but three layers of iced delight in pure white. But it will stand out more than the most extravagant wedding cake you have ever seen. You can keep the decorations minimal or simply skip it altogether.

Contemporary Crave –Like minimalistic cakes, contemporary is also simple in terms of decoration but they do not follow the same geometric rules. Instead of a round or square, go for a unique combination of shapes, textures, and colors. These cakes are nothing short of an art piece. They are perfect for a colorful theme wedding.

Rustic Ruse – Rustic is the new classic, they say. The rustic theme is making its way back in weddings these days. A rustic cake would be a simple chocolate cake but with interesting wooden texture or decorations that go with the rest of the wedding décor. Throw in a few gold or bronze toppers, and you have a cake everyone will keep talking about for days.

Go Geeky –Celebrate the geek in you with a cake no one expects to see at a wedding. Let the world know what brought two geeks together. Superheroes, Star Wars, video games, books – there are endless customization options. These cakes are the most personalized cakes you can wish for. The choice is yours. It is your big day and you should make it all about you with a crazy and creative wedding cake.


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