Beat the Heat of Summer with Pleasant Gifts and Flowers

Beat the Heat of Summer with Pleasant Gifts and Flowers

Make the Hottest Summer the Pleasant One with Flowers and Sweets.
Mercury is rising in the Middle East and many predict it to be the hottest August in the UAE. Do you know that hot weather can actually make people cranky? People tend to lose their temper more easily when to weather is warmer. No wonder this weather can put a cold spell on your relationship as well. Don’t let it be that way!

If you think it’s that the weather is taking a toll on your relationship, take an initiative to make things warm up in this heat. Send your beloved some sweets and flowers and turn the hottest month of the year into the most pleasant one for them.

Here are our hot tips for sending flowers and sweets in this heat.

Choose Cool Colors

Red roses may be the most commonly used flowers for romantic gestures but the color doesn’t really get well with this weather. It is better to leave red, yellows, and oranges for fall and winter. In summer, you can beat the heat with white and blue flowers. These colors are cool on eyes and can improve the mood. You can also go for lighter shades or peach and pinks. Some violet here and there wouldn’t hurt either. The important thing is to stay away from warmer colors.


Keep It Lighter

Save the stuffy, huge bouquets for another season. In summer, it is better to stick to lighter and sleeker bunches of flowers. Think of something the recipient can keep in a vase of water on their table. Something they can keep fresh for days. We recommend considering our handtied flower bouquets and bunches that can be easily set in a jar.

Avoid the Melt

No gesture of love is complete without some sweet. If you are sending a bouquet to your loved one, make sure it is accompanied by a something sweet to enhance the mood. No matter how quickly we can deliver your chocolates, we recommend choosing sweets that won’t melt. How about a basket full of seasonal fruit or a box full of colorful macrons? We even have luxurious boxes of assorted baklava for you.

Don’t let the hot weather cloud your relationship and rain on your love! Beat the heat of the hottest month with thoughtfully picked gifts and flowers and turn it into the most pleasant month instead.


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