Do I need to register?

No, you can place your order without getting yourself register to onlineflowershop.ae.


Are there no delivery zones?

Onlineflowershop.ae can deliver throughout the UAE however, for some areas we do have minimum order value to be met. Please call us on +971 - 42 406632 or chat with live CSR to know more about our deliveries.


Will my order arrive in perfect condition?

Onlineflowershop has maintained special chilled vans to ensure all of your orders are delivered in the best conditional. All the order items are made on the same day and fresh. You can count on us on the quality and freshness of the products as they are delivered to you.


Can we deliver on the same day?

Yes, we can deliver on the same day but the order should be placed before a certain time.

For Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman: Order before 7 pm

For Abu Dhabi : order before 2 pm.


How to place an order?

You can place the order by following steps:
1. choose your product and click the shop now button
2. Select size and delivery date and click ORDER NOW
3.Checkout>> Fill info and make payment.


You can place your order online by yourself or through a customer service agent.

You get in touch with a CSR through chat, email us on customercare@onlineflowershop.ae or call us on +971 42 406632


What modes of payment are available?

You can pay through any of the following modes of payments:


  • Western Union
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Debit card/credit card
  • Cash on Delivery  - We can pick up cash from your place


Can I request a specific time of delivery?

There are different time slot options available for different states. We will deliver your order only within your chosen time slot from the checkout page.


Is the website secure for credit card processing?

Yes, we have state of the art data protection and security and the site is secured with SSL certificates. Our users and visitors are assured that none of the sensitive data is ever shared with any third party nor is sold to any third party.


How do I cancel my order?

100% of the amount is refunded if the order is canceled 24 hours before the date of delivery. If the order is placed on the same day of delivery, it could only be canceled within an hour of the order placing and should inform Customer Care agent by calling +971-42-406632 or through live chat.

Is it possible to deliver on Saturday and Friday?

Yes, we also deliver on Friday and Saturday.


Can I Do Surprise Delivery?                                            

Yes, however, your order will only be a surprise if the order is marked as a surprise or there is a special instruction regarding surprise delivery or confidentiality of the sender's information prior to the dispatching of the order.


Do we call The Recipient?

Our first priority is not to call the recipient and deliver the order as a surprise order. However, sometimes there is a discrepancy or ambiguity in the location of the recipient then we have to call the recipient. If the order is marked anonymous or surprise, we don’t let the recipient know anything about the order items or the sender.


Will you add Sender name on greeting card?

We only copy-paste your message. If you have mentioned your name specifically in message box then we will add it else we dont modify or add anything.

We received messages in different languages, some we know and some we dont, Thats the only reason we dont modify your message But on special request only.


How Do I Make changes to my order?

Changes to the order can only be made if the order is not yet prepared.

The changes can be conveyed to the customer service team by email at customercare@onlineflowershop.ae or by calling the number +971 42 406632.