How Varieties of Flowers Symbolize for Different Occasions

How Varieties of Flowers Symbolize for Different Occasions

Flowers spread mild and soothing fragrance in our life. It is a priceless gift of nature for us. There are varieties of flowers and of different colors of flowers which spread happiness in our lives and give lots of reasons to smile. 



Flowers play a crucial role in our all-important life occasions whether it is a Birthday, Anniversary, Funeral, Weddings, etc. we cannot be left over by this. The occasion where we want flowers in bulk, and on somewhere only one flower is enough to express our feelings that depends on the occasions. 


Now when we are talking about flowers how can be not talking about the varieties of flowers. 

A special day which is symbolized by the different varieties of flowers and we buy particular flowers for the special day. 


And now when we are talking about the varieties of flowers lets lime lite some of these famous and beautiful flowers for you:


  1. Rose: Roses are the classic flowers. They bring the flashback feelings and memory into your life that’s depend on which color you are presenting. The red color is for love and the pink color is for friendship. But have you ever think about the yellow roses! They are actually considered a symbol of unfaithfulness. 
  2. Daisy: If you are keen to impress your loved one Daisy is the best option. It is perfectly created by the god for all who are just felt in love or who has just realized the feeling of love. The dot marked with the yellow color is the symbol of true love, innocence or a new beginning of love. 
  3. Lily: Have any newborn arrived in your known one’s life! Why don’t you present lilies to them? Lilies are the best option to present for the new life who has just entered in a beautiful life.
  4. Tulip Are you a passionate lover in your relationship then tulip is for you. This beautiful flower has a different meaning from passionate love to royalty.   
  5. Carnations: This is the only flower who carries all different colors which present for all different types of moods. Whether you are in a sad mood, loved mood, passionate, etc. where light red presents the admiration, dark red present the deep love and affection, on the other side white carnations present the pure love.
  6. Daffodil:  If you are really in a mood of forgiving someone give some daffodil to them show your big heart towards them. Just go and show you are a big hearty and step forward first.


These are just a few beautiful flowers that give some meaningful meaning in your life and your loved one’s life. Flowers make some easy way to express your feeling. If you are not so talkative person just say thank God, you created flowers with huge varieties and meanings and, let the people express their feeling with the help of flowers.


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