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Roses Love In The Box

Roses Love In The Box



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Red roses have long been associated with love and passion. Each red rose is meticulously selected for its beauty and freshness to ensure a bouquet that symbolizes deep affection and desire.

Experience the epitome of romance with our "Roses Love in the Box" arrangement. This crafted-to-perfection arrangement features stunning red roses elegantly presented in a box using the innovative technique of floral foam.

Love is precious with the flowers. Say I Love you and show how much caring you are to your loved one.

Fresh Red Roses directly put into the box with the help of floral foam.

Note: Quantity may vary depends on the rosebud.

How to Experience "Roses Love in the Box":

1.                Select the size of the arrangement that suits your preferences and the occasion.

2.                Place Your Order:  Provide the delivery details and date for a seamless experience.

3.                Elevate the Moment:  Whether it is an anniversary, a romantic gesture, or a heartfelt expression, "Love in the Box" is designed to make your moments unforgettable

4.                Timely Delivery:  We ensure that your arrangement arrives on time, exuding freshness and elegance.

How To Make Love In The Box Red Roses, Check Video below:



How are the Red Roses Arranged in the Box?

The red roses are carefully arranged in a compact and visually appealing manner within the box. We use Floral foam, a special type of foam that holds water and nutrients to secure and hydrate the roses, ensuring their freshness and beauty for an extended period.

What Occasions are Suitable for "Roses Love in the Box"?

"Love in the Box" red roses are ideal for a wide range of occasions including Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and romantic gestures.

How Long Do the Red Roses Last in the Floral Foam Arrangement?

The use of floral foam helps extend the lifespan of the red roses. With proper care, this arrangement can last anywhere from 5 to 7 days or even longer. Regularly adding water to the foam helps maintain the freshness of roses.

Can I Include a Personalized Message?

Yes, This adds a personal touch to your gift and allows you to convey your emotions more intimately.

How Do I Take Care of "Roses Love in the Box"?

·       Keep the arrangement indoors, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

·       Check the floral foam's moisture regularly and add water as needed.

·       Trim the stems slightly if they start to wilt and change the water if it becomes cloudy.

·       Handle the arrangement with care to prevent damage to the roses and foam.




Is Roses Love In The Box available same day in all Emirates?

Yes, we make fresh and deliver fresh same-day in all Emirates of UAE. For Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman we accept order till 7 PM UAE time and other emirates have different timing, you may check at the checkout page.


Can I add a message card with the flowers?

Absolutely! To make your gift even more special we will add your personalized message Free of cost.


Is this product includes delivery charges?

No, shipping charges always depend on the time slot and city that you will find on the checkout page. 


How to Order Roses Love In The Box?

•  Visit our website and select the Roses Love In The Box

•  Choose preferred size and  delivery date to ensure it arrives on special day.


•  Reach to checkout page and fill the form


•  Make sure to add a personalized card message with your order.


•  Make the payment and rest we will ensure you :)


What payment options do we have?

We accept visa, Master, Western Union, COD, Bank transfer and Paypal

Roses Love In The Box
All orders are delivered via onlineflowershop.ae temperature-controlled delivery vans.

Your flowers will arrive beautifully fresh for your occasion.


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